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Pow’r Tac grip spray and Golf Tac golf spray!

Get in the swing of things with the Pow’r Wrap attachable bat weight for on-deck warm-ups and off-season conditioning for baseball and softball players.

Get a grip with the very best in professional quality grip sprays and spray-on tackifiers for baseball, softball, golf and any sport where a good grip can make the difference between winning and losing.

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Pow’r Wrap® bat weight for baseball and softball, and youth leagues.The only approved attachable weight for softball. Excellent on-deck and off season training weight.




PowrTac Cans

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Pow’r Tac® spray-on tackifier, the ultimate grip and glove tackifier for baseball and softball. Superior non-transferable, invisible tackifier. Simply spray Pow’r Tac tackifier onto bat handles, batting gloves, and fielding glove pockets. Use for tennis, racquetball, hockey, and other action sports where supreme grip is required. Spin off applications include air brush tattoo stencil adhesive, grip enhancer for drumsticks, and non slip saddle seat for equestrians. Contains NO pine tar, so there is no brown pine tar mess.


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Golf Tac® the Rain Tamer® spray-on tackifier enhances grip for golf clubs. The same formula as our Pow’r Tac spray but labeled for the golfer. Not an anti-perspirant but a tackifying agent. Works great in rainy, humid conditions where a non-slip grip is crucial. An absolute boon for arthritic golfers. Rejuvenates old golf grips.  Conforms to USGA rules.


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