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Increase Your Bat Speed–Hit the Ball Harder!


Do you want to hit with more power? Maybe you hit the ball fairly hard but it dies just short of the outfield fence. You’ll want to turn those warning track fly outs into home runs. Perhaps you hit a lot of singles because you lack the power to drive the ball into the gaps. Or maybe you want to turn those ground outs into singles by shooting them through the infield with faster batted ball speed. Whatever your power hitting goal the Pow’r Wrap can help you achieve it.

The key to hitting with more power is to develop faster bat speed. The way to do that is to exercise and strengthen the specific muscles used when hitting a ball. Exercise and strengthening muscles involves weight training and repetition. That’s where the Pow’r Wrap can help.

A daily regimen of swinging your bat with the Pow’r Wrap on it can help develop those muscles. The idea is not to attempt to swing the bat as fast as you can, but rather to swing slow to medium speed making sure you follow proper swing mechanics. You can do this outdoors or indoors in an open space with high ceilings. Start out by loosening and strengthening your trunk, wrists,  arms, and shoulder muscles. Then you can move onto taking swings with the Pow’r Wrap on your bat. If you have a batting tee when you do these exercises, even better, although it’s not necessary. (You won’t be putting a ball on the tee, just using the space above the top of the tee as a guide to where to consistently swing the bat.)

Follow the instructions on the sticker on the Pow’r Wrap and place the Pow’r Wrap over the knob and onto your bat. If you are indoors make sure you are in an area with a lot of open space, no walls near you for at least six feet. Take care when you are lifting the bat over your head not to hit the ceiling!

  • Loosen up your trunk muscles by holding the bat in a horizontal position grabbing each end of the bat, one hand on the knob, one hand on the barrel end of the bat. Hold your head steady and twist your trunk at the waist to the left until your right shoulder is almost under your chin and shoulder is pointing forward.  Then repeat the motion to the right. Do about 25 trunk twists. You will get into an easy rhythm when you do this.
  • Holding the bat as before, one hand on the knob, one hand on the barrel end, lift the bat over your head and place it in a horizontal position behind the back of your neck. Repeat the trunk twist routine with the bat in this position.
  • Work your wrists. Holding the bat vertically in front of you grab the bat in your normal two-handed grip. Now lift the bat over your head and place it in a vertical position behind you. Your hands should be placed at the back of your head with the end of the bat barrel pointed downward. Start to rotate your wrists in a tight circle, as if the bat were a giant spoon handle that you were stirring. While you are doing the stirring action slowly elevate the bat barrel until the bat is horizontal and parallel to the ground. Continue “stirring” and lower the bat to the downward vertical position. Do this for a couple of minutes. If you really want to get a great workout, use only one hand at a time.
  • You are now ready to take warm-up swings using the Pow’r Wrap.
  • Get into your regular stance with your game bat and with the Pow’r Wrap attached to the bat. Go through the usual steps of practicing your swing–stance, load, stride, swing. Don’t do a full-on hard, fast swing, rather, concentrate on proper mechanics and bringing the bat through your swing in a level manner. The bat will feel heavier with the Pow’r Wrap installed so you must be absolutely sure your swing mechanics are correct. About 20 repetitions is a good goal to start with.
  • If you have a tee, this would be a great aid in making sure you swing the bat in the proper swing plane or location. Position the tee in your usual vertical position as if you were going to hit a ball off the tee. Don’t place a ball on the tee, however. Now practice your swings with the Pow’r Wrap attached to the bat, making sure the bat’s barrel passes just above the tip of the tee. Again, another 20 repetitions is a good amount. Over the days and weeks as your strength builds you can do more reps.





Get a Better Grip–Hit the Ball Harder!

Bat-Speed-TacA good grip is crucial when hitting the baseball. You probably know about lining up the “door knocking” knuckles of your hands and not overgripping the bat too hard. Your bottom hand should have a relaxed, though firm grip on the bat handle. You don’t want to be tensed up. Pow’r Tac can give you the ability to have a loose but confident grip on the bat handle. For decades players have been using the sap of the pine tree, or pine tar, as a grip enhancer. The problem with pine tar is that it forms a gooey, brown mass of gunk on your bat handle, plus it migrates to your batting gloves, your batting helmet, and your uniform. Pretty soon you’ve got a brown sticky mess all over your equipment.

Pow’r Tac is not pine tar, nor does it contain pine tar. It’s a high-tech rubber based adhesive compound that you spray on your bat handle, and/or batting gloves. The secret to unlocking the magic of Pow’r Tac is to let the formula dry. Once dry (about 30 seconds) none of the formula will migrate off the sprayed surface. If you spray your bat handle, let Pow’r Tac dry, then grip, you will feel a tacky bat handle but when you remove your hands, none of the product will transfer to your hands. Pow’r Tac stays on your bat handle. This is the non-transferable property of Pow’r Tac.

By spraying successive light coats of Pow’r Tac on your bat handle you can “fine tune” the amount of stickiness to your swing. If you are a finesse hitter with the ability to push the ball to any field, or typically hit to the opposite field, you just need a little bit of Pow’r Tac. If you are a banger that likes to grip and rip, you can spray more product on your bat handle. The key is to use successive light coats until you get your grip-feel just right.

Pow’r Tac also has a pressure sensitive feature. It’s only sticky when gripped so if you lay your bat on grass or dirt, it won’t pick any of it up.

Other advantages that Pow’r Tac enjoys over pine tar is it’s application is invisible. It’s basically a very thin clear coating of rubber cement that takes a long time to lose it’s tackiness. Pow’r Tac gives you a good grip in hot, sweaty and rainy conditions. Pine tar gets very slippery in these conditions. Some infielders will even spray the pocket of their fielding glove with Pow’r Tac for more sure handing of batted balls. Pow’r Tac has a pleasant vanilla scent. You may remove Pow’r Tac with a cloth or towel wetted with isopropyl alcohol.

Using Pow’r Tac will give you the ability to swing hard with confidence that your grip will stay intact. This will result in hitting with more power.