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Pow'r Wraps

Pow'r Wrap

For thirty-three years the Pow’r Wrap has been the choice of professional sluggers to improve their bat speed, get loosened up on-deck, and make that bat feel light as a feather when swinging. Perfect for off-season conditioning.

Powr Tac Spray Duo

Pow'r Tac

For thirty-one years ballplayers have been using Pow’r Tac spray-on tackifier to give them a sure, confident grip on their bat. It wasn’t long before golfers, tennis, racquetball, hockey, and lacrosse players discovered Pow’r Tac.

Golf Tac Spray

Golf Tac

In the late 1990’s after hearing from so many golfers using Pow’r Tac we decided to brand it specifically to golfers. Golf Tac has the same formula as Pow’r Tac just with a different label. A big hit with arthritic golfers.

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