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Pow’r Wrap Bat Weight
For almost 27 years ballplayers of all ages have relied on the Pow’r Wrap bat weight to give them faster bat speed and therefore the ability to hit the ball with more power. For 25 years professional baseball players have trusted the Pow’r Wrap as their on-deck warm-up weight of choice and off-season conditioning bat weight.

In 1990 the Pow’r Wrap for softball was approved for use in the United States Slo-Pitch Softball Association (USSSA) and the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). It was also approved for use in high school leagues by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). In 1994 the softball model was approved by the National Softball Association (NSA). At the time it was the only approved attachable weight allowed for softball bats for use in the on-deck circle, and as far as we know, is still the only approved attachable weight for use in the on-deck circle for these leagues. Please see the approval letters, here–League Approval Letters

Also in 1993 Little League Baseball® approved the Pow’r Wrap for youth baseball. At the time it was the only approved attachable weight for use in the on-deck circle in Little League Baseball® games. It remained the only approved weight in their league games until 2006, when they changed the rules and prohibited any players to warm up in the on-deck circle with anything. In fact, no players were allowed on-deck. We have since not renewed our licensing agreement with Little League Baseball®. Please note: The Pow’r Wrap bat weight is NOT approved for use in Little League Baseball® nowadays, though it was for about 15 years. However, the Pow’r Wrap is legal in many, many other youth leagues, either traveling youth baseball leagues or local park and recreation leagues.

There are no rules prohibiting on-deck warm up weights in professional baseball, collegiate baseball, or high school baseball, so the Pow’r Wrap may be used on-deck in these games.

Pow’r Tac
For 25 years ballplayers have been turning to Pow’r Tac spray-on tackifier to give them a more sure and confident grip on their bat. Since 1991 players from other sports have discovered that Pow’r Tac can help them achieve an awesome grip, from hockey players, tennis players, racquetball players, golfers, track and field competitors, equestrians, strong man competitors, wheel chair athletes, even disc golfers.

But the spin-off uses for Pow’r Tac didn’t stop with athletes. Hollywood stunt people, NASCAR pit crew members, beauty pageant contestants, drummers, temporary tattoo body artists, stage prop managers, water skiers, etc. have all found Pow’r Tac beneficial to their sport, job, or art.

Golf Tac
In the late 1990’s in response to the many stories we heard from golfers using Pow’r Tac we decided to brand the formula to golfers. Thus Golf Tac was born. It uses the same formula as Pow’r Tac but has a golfer pictured on the can label instead of a baseball player so it is marketed at golfers. Golf Tac conforms with USGA rules.


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