Q. I accidentally placed the Pow’r Wrap on my bat the wrong way. It’s now stuck on the end of the barrel of the bat. How can I remove it?

Answer: You should be able to remove it by lightly striking a hammer around the perimeter of the non-tapered section of the Pow’r Wrap. (Place duct tape or masking tape on a 6″ section of the barrel of the bat just below the Pow’r Wrap, if you wish to protect the graphics on the barrel of the bat.)

Lay the bat on the ground. Hold the bat handle with one hand and grab a hammer with the other hand. Lay the flat side of the hammer head on the barrel of the bat. Draw the hammer away from the end of the Pow’r Wrap then repeatedly strike the hammer onto the end of the Pow’r Wrap. Rotate the bat while striking the Pow’r Wrap to work around the perimeter of the Pow’r Wrap. It’s very unlikely that you could harm the Pow’r Wrap, so you may hit it fairly hard with the hammer.





If it is really stuck on you may need to submerge the bat with Pow’r Wrap attached into an ice bath for 15 minutes or so and then try repeating the removal process using the hammer. The idea with the ice bath is to cool the bat so the metal contracts and shrinks the diameter of the bat thus enabling the hammer to remove the ‘Wrap.


Q. The Pow’r Wrap gets stuck on the barrel of my bat even though it is installed properly. What’s up with that?

Answer: It’s likely that the barrel of your bat is dented and therefore out-of-round. You might need to use a hammer to remove the Pow’r Wrap.


Q. I’ve had umpires tell me that I couldn’t use the Pow’r Wrap on the field. I thought it was legal. Is it?

Answer: Yes, the softball model Pow’r Wrap is legal and approved for use in ASA softball, USSSA softball, NSA, high school leagues, and legal for NCAA softball. The baseball model is legal in all “big barrel” baseball leagues, high school, collegiate, and adult baseball leagues. The youth model is legal in most traveling baseball leagues and most park and rec leagues. Rule of thumb is if weighted “donut” rings are legal in a youth league, the Pow’r Wrap is also legal. Weighted rings or “donut” weights are illegal in softball leagues. Your umpire may not be aware of the Pow’r Wraps “approved for use” status. See this page: League Approval Letters for Pow’r Wrap.



Q. I’ve been using a lot of Pow’r Tac and there is a build up on my bat handle (or batting glove). How do I remove it?

Answer: A soft cloth or towel wetted with rubbing alcohol will remove Pow’r Tac build-up. Stubborn build up may require using acetone. A common household product that contains acetone is fingernail polish remover.

Q. Can I spray Pow’r Tac directly onto my hands or skin?

Answer: We don’t recommend it. Pow’r Tac is basically a powerful adhesive being held in suspension by the acetone, a common solvent. The reason you have to wait 30-45 seconds for Pow’r Tac to dry is because you are waiting for the acetone to evaporate and deposit the adhesive to the bat handle. Once dry, there are no solvents present, only adhesives, so no hazard. While acetone use is generally safe, we do not recommend spraying it directly on the hands or skin?

Q. What are some of the other applications for Pow’r Tac besides baseball/softball?

Answer: We’ve heard a lot of different uses. Among some of the more conventional uses are spraying on hockey sticks (shafts and knobs), golf club grips, racquetball handles, tennis racquet handles. Among some of the other not so common uses are: wheel chair athletes coating their grip wheels, weightlifters spraying their barbells, spraying the underside of throw rugs to keep them from slipping, roofers spraying their hammer handles, basketball players treating the underside of their shoes (works for a while, until it rubs off), football receivers spraying it on their gloves (this is illegal in the NFL), NASCAR pit crews spraying their gloves, tattoo artists spraying stencils to help them adhere better to the skin, strongman competitors spraying their gloves, drummers spraying their drumsticks, water skiers spraying their rope handles, beauty pageant contestants spraying their swimsuit bottoms and then pressing them in place (really!), Hollywood stuntmen coating ropes or other props that require a good grip, etc.

Q. How long does Pow’r/Golf Tac stay tacky?

Answer: If you treat a bat handle with Pow’r Tac or a golf club grip with Golf Tac it will remain sticky for several days, sometimes for weeks, depending on how much you sprayed and how many times you grip the equipment. Pow’r Tac does not dry out. The adhesive properties of Pow’r/Golf Tac is similar to the adhesive on the back of those small sticky-backed notes used in office settings. So long as nothing is pressed into the adhesive (sand, dirt, grass, etc.) Pow’r Tac will stay tacky for a long time. We’ve sprayed test boards of cardboard and several months later they were still tacky.

Q. How long will a can of Pow’r Tac or Golf Tac last me?

Answer: There are approximately seventy-five 5 second bursts of the formula in each can. If you apply Pow’r Tac for 5 seconds before each use of your equipment you will get 75 uses out of it. (Note: Spraying Pow’r Tac in a 5 second burst over an area equivalent to two hand grips is a fairly heavy application. We recommend 3 seconds. You can always add more.)