Powr Tac Spray Duo

Pow’r Tac is a high-tech tacky grip spray product that you spray on bat handles to improve your grip. Pow’r Tac will give you an awesome, confident grip on the bat so you can swing your hardest. Unleash that bat speed you’ve worked so hard to develop without worrying about losing your grip.

Pow’r Tac is a long lasting, non-transferable adhesive that you spray onto your bat handles (and other sports grips.) Basically
you are spraying a very thin film of “stickum” onto your grips. Once this dries, about 30 seconds, you can grip the bat handle,
enjoy an enhanced, sticky grip, but none of the adhesive will come off onto your hand. The adhesive is rubber-based, NO PINE TAR, so no brown mess on your batting gloves, batting helmet, uniform, or anything else. Pow’r Tac stays on the surface it is sprayed upon.

When Pow’r Tac is applied, it is invisible. A very thin film of transparent adhesive is deposited on the surface you’ve sprayed.

Pow’r Tac has a pleasant vanilla scent. Customers have described it as a “vanilla play dough” scent.

The secret to Pow’r Tac is to apply a thin film and letting it dry completely. Test out the amount of tackiness achieved by one light spraying. We recommend spraying about 2-3 seconds with a back and forth motion from a distance of 8 to 10 inches along the bat handle (or racquetball racquet handle, or hockey stick, or lacrosse stick, or pickleball paddle, etc.) and letting it dry. This is the key to Pow’r Tac–let the formula dry and set up on your equipment.

If you want more tackiness, simply spray on another light coat of this tacky grip spray. As before, let it completely dry. Test your grip for desired stickiness.


Pow’r Tac is not just for use on baseball and softball bats. Ingenious customers soon found other uses for Pow’r Tac. First up was spraying Pow’r Tac onto batting gloves. Some infielders spray the pocket of their fielding gloves in the belief that it aids in catching hard hit grounders. Others spray Pow’r Tac on the sweet spot on the barrel of their bats thinking the extra grip/friction will help create more effective contact and/or backspin on batted balls.

Football players would spray Pow’r Tac on their tackified receiver gloves to freshen the built-in tackifier. (This might be illegal, not sure.)

Golfers soon discovered Pow’r Tac was great for gripping clubs in rainy rounds and hot, humid conditions. It became so popular with golfers we branded a tackifier for golfers, Golf Tac, in the late 1990’s. Hockey players sprayed Pow’r Tac on hockey stick shafts, either freshening the built-in tackifier or creating their own tacky sticks. Racquetball players and tennis players soon discovered the advantages Pow’r Tac brought to their grip and therefore their game. Pole vaulters, field hockey players, table tennis players, etc. The latest group of people to discover Pow’r Tac are pickleball players.

But the uses of Pow’r Tac didn’t stop with athletes. Temporary tattoo artists, or body artists, discovered Pow’r Tac sprayed onto the backsides of their art templates helped hold the template tightly to the skin creating much sharper lines on the edges of the painted on body art. Beauty pageant contestants use Pow’r Tac to stick the hems of their swimsuit bottoms in place. Exotic dancers have used Pow’r Tac to hold down their “clothes” and also sprayed on their dancing poles. NASCAR pit crews use Pow’r Tac to get better grips on their tools, Hollywood stunt people use Pow’r Tac to get extra grip on equipment and props as needed, strong men competitors use Pow’r Tac, wheelchair athletes use it, disc golf players spray their discs, equestrians use it to tackify their saddles, etc. 

Really, the uses of Pow’r Tac are only limited by your imagination!