Game Used Pow'r Wrap

The $5,500 Pow’r Wrap

Every couple of months I do a Google search of Pow’r Wrap bat weight. I use variations on the search terms and words. During one of my recent searches I found something very interesting—the $5,500 Pow’r Wrap.

I found it on ebay. The seller says it was game used by the Detroit Tigers during the 2014 season. It’s been authenticated by Major League Baseball and the qualifying hologram is attached to the Pow’r Wrap. See the $5,500 Pow’r Wrap. To help you pay for it, you can take out a loan from Pay Pal credit and make twenty-four $265 payments.

Who Used the $5,500 Pow’r Wrap?

The seller says it was “used by Tigers hitters to stretch out before they hit and practice” and “used by some of the world’s best hitters”. The seller lists Cabrera, Martinez, Verlander, and Scherzer as players that used the Pow’r Wrap.  Miguel Cabrera is a longtime user of the Pow’r Wrap. Not sure if Martinez means J.D. Martinez or Victor Martinez (or both?) but Verlander and Scherzer are definitely pitchers and they rarely bat. I guess the seller included Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer to add some name recognition to his listing. Interesting that Torii Hunter and Ian Kinsler, both pretty good hitters, were not mentioned.

Since the American League uses the designated hitter there would be only a few opportunities for pitchers to hit during games. Of course, this would be during interleague games against National League teams in National League ballparks. In other words, away games for the Tigers vs. National League teams.

I searched for 2014 Tigers games played away vs. National League teams. Then I searched within these games for games that Verlander and Scherzer pitched. Then I checked to see how they did at the plate.

Pitchers Probably Don’t Benefit from Using the Pow’r Wrap

Justin Verlander batted in three games in 2014. He went 2 for 6, both singles, and had a sacrifice.

Max Scherzer batted in two games in 2014. He went 0 for 2 with two sacrifices.

It is gratifying to know that millionaire ballplayers use my invention to help improve their bat speed and thus their power hitting. It’s also cool to see someone thinking my invention, a $25 item in most stores, is worth $5,500 because these ballplayer have used it.

But, honestly, I’m not seeing how naming a couple of pitchers in your listing of a $5,500 bat weight is helping to sell it. I’ve attempted to contact the seller to see if he/she still has the $5,500 Pow’r Wrap but my emails have gone unanswered. Since the listing is still live on ebay, I’m assuming this Pow’r Wrap is unsold.